E-Kyo-Nai is the largest island in Ho-Kai-Yo, and one of the few ones large enough to sustain some agriculture away from the coast. When the Realm arrived two centuries ago, they chose the small fishing village of E-Kyo-Nai over the native capital of Ren-Kai to make their administration.

Under the Realm occupation, E-Kyo-Nai grew into a bustling city. With its local farming and fishing, its population grew, and trading with the Guild and the Realm gave rise to a rare wealth. The city is more like a southern city-state than a Ho-Kai-Yo city; universities, theatres and tea-houses intermingle with bustling bazaars, and further out, the proud ships of the Realm fleet guard against the Pirate-Lords.

At least, that’s what it used to be like.

Today, E-Kyo-Nai is a besieged city, blockaded day and night by Shae-Gari’s fleet. The Realm Garrison under the command of Peleps Hoxha still controls the inner harbor from the Fort-On-The-Hill, but it is a precarious position.

Whatever the case, E-Kyo-Nai may soon be another city lost to conquest.


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