The Niobraran Empire

From the confiscated research of Le’daal Deneda:

“…No matter the controversy that the abbot whips up, I know I am right. The First Age was not a simple time dominated by a single Realm. Same as today, there were smaller kingdoms and city-states eking out a living at the Realm’s edges, areas where even the Solar Exalted could not take power with ease. My findings in Ho-Kai-Yo corroborate what others have discovered throughout the West: an Empire to rival the early Realm.

The ruins I found contained old realm script, but far more numerous are inscriptions in an old dialect of Pelagial, the language of aquatic mutants and pelagothropes. I was not familiar with the dialect and will have to take them to an expert in E-Kyo-Nai, but the old Realm inscriptions implied that the compound was an outpost for the ‘Niobraran League’, and claimed that artifacts of war had once been hoarded there to repel an attack by the Solar Exalted and their army.

Was the Niobraran League the Lookshy to the Solar’s Dynasty and if so, can we learn from their defeat how to destroy an entrenched enemy with superior sorcery?"

The Niobraran Empire

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