The Isle of Pillars

On the northern end of the archipelago, out of the way of most major trade routes, lies the Isle of Pillars, at the center of a network of coral reefs and minute island inhabited by aquatic mutants and beast-men.

The Ho-Kai-Ren have always considered the Isle of Pillars and the areas surrounding it cursed; a heavy dark cloud hangs permanently over the islands, and the steep cliffs and ship-wreck strewn corals are constantly whipped by rain and wind. On occasion the natives raid nearby ports in small canoes, in a flurry of blow-darts and spears; those taken are never heard from again.

An expedition from the Realm managed to establish a fort on the isle some decades ago, in order to research the rumors of First Age ruins on the central island, but it has languished under the weight of tropical diseases and poor supplies. It won’t be long before the camp succumbs entirely.

There may be magical ships in there.

The Isle of Pillars

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