The Code of the Siakal

The Code of Siakal is a law-code followed by the Ho-Kai-Yo pirates in praise of the Western God of War, Siakal. It has three laws.

Blood in the Water Absolution: One must honor those who spill blood in the water. No pirate may refuse another pirate if he asks for parlay after spilling blood in salt-water.

Leaving the Fangs Mutiny: If a Captain is deposed in a mutiny, his crew must leave him on land with at least a weapon and food for a few days. In older times, Captains were left with a special dagger carved from the teeth of the humongous siaka sharks, but today knives, spears or flame-pieces are more common.

Before-The-Schools Piranha Duel: If two captains agree to it, they may settle their disagreement in a ritual duel. It is customary for the duel to take place on boards suspended between two ships anchored closely, and common practice for crewmembers to gradually remove boards, leaving the duelists with less and less room to maneuver. The winner of the duel wins the disagreement, and all attending are bound to follow; if the duel was to the death, agreed beforehand, the winner also gains the losers crew and ship.

The Code of the Siakal

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