A Ho-Kai woman with stark, blue eyes, dressed in rich blue and red, with a lance of black jade in her hand.


Shae-Gari has dark hair and features, but bright, blue eyes. She looks like a woman who has spent most of her life fighting: she’s well-muscled with a fair number of scars, and when going into combat dresses in well-crafted but flexible leather armor. Outside of combat, Shae-Gari has taken to dressing like the ancient nobility of Ho-Kai-Yo: in stolen silk and jewelry.


Shae-Gari was born in the gladiator pits under the pirate port Ren-Kai, and knew neither her mother or father, but was raised by the slaves that served the gladiators. She was taught to work early, and might’ve been worked to death if she hadn’t insulted her master by accident and been thrown down to join the gladiators in the pit. She survived through dumb luck at first, but quickly learned the craft and became a skilled warrior.
At fourteen, Shae-Gari managed to escape and signed up for a ship off Ren-Kai. Since then, she has ruthlessly risen through the ranks and had many adventures, and now the former slave stands poised to take control of Ho-Kai-Yo with her stolen fleet.

Very little is known of her life beyond the larger lines: until recently she was a relatively minor pirate-lord. It is not known where she got her spirit allies and jade lance or whether her charms have always been as powerful as they are now.


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