Gale of the Southern Isles


Gale is a wind spirit from the court of the powerful elemental Monsoon in the southern edge of the Ho-Kai-Yo archipelago. He has the body of a fit human male with the head of a lion and eagle talons for feet; his entire body has a vague blue tinge, and his clothes are always rustled by a slight breeze.


Gale was taken on by Muai Shri-Gesh as his ship-god during an adventure involving a ship-wreck, a storm, rival pirates and a Realm patrol. By the end of the episode, Muai agreed to accept Gale into his crew in return for payment in daily worship. The thaumaturgy was done, and now the prow-shrine of Muai’s ship is the entrance to Gale’s sanctum.

Gale of the Southern Isles

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