The Scent of Blood and Salt

Since the Battle of Futile Blood, the Realm has been on the wane. With every passing season, another satrapy delays their tribute, another bandit-lord or peasant uprising thwarts the scattered legions, another anathema defeats the Wyld Hunt.

It was only a matter of time until the next nail in the coffin came.

It came in Ana-Kiki, an island in the Ho-Kai-Yo Archipelago used as a pit-stop for Realm fleets reinforcing their strongholds in the West. Twenty-Three war-ships were moored there when the Pirate-Lord Shae-Gari struck: in a single night, the god-blood swooped in with her fleet and elemental allies and stole the Peleps ships.

Now, the Realm’s presence in the West is precariously unsupported, and Shae-Gari stands poised to use her stolen fleet to bring the other Pirate-Lords of Ho-Kai-Yo under the rule of her emerging island kingdom.

This is a time of opportunity in Ho-Kai-Yo, the beginning of a Golden Age of Piracy.

The Scent of Blood and Salt

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